Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy Using Downloadable Content

Digital marketing plays a critical role in the promotional products industry. However, generating enough high-quality content to satisfy customers can be a daunting task, especially for small shops with limited resources.

Try supercharging your promo marketing strategy using downloadable content from the alphabroder Digital Lounge.

Downloadable content …

  1. helps marketers meet consumer demands
  2. ensures a business’ brand reflects trends in the industry
  3. frees up time for marketers to create original, signature assets
  4. fuels marketing ideas and inspiration

alphabroder customers have access to a hub of reusable resources called the Digital Lounge. The site is home to unbranded, downloadable images, social media posts, videos, eboards, and eflyers. All assets are available to alphabroder customers to help support their marketing strategies.

However, before you start downloading content from the Digital Lounge, consider the following tips:

1. Document your goals before downloading content.

Aimlessly sharing marketing assets simply because you have access to them won’t help you reach your desired results. You won’t be able to tell if an initiative is working unless you set a goal. Digital Lounge assets can help increase search visibility, traffic, leads, awareness, and shares. Be sure you know exactly what you want your marketing content to achieve before you share it.

2. Create a roadmap towards your digital marketing goal.

Most of the content available on the Digital Lounge will align with your brand identity. However, not all assets will be appropriate to post on your channels. You’ll have a better idea of what items support your own personal digital marketing efforts once you create a content calendar that spells out the steps you will need to take to achieve your set goals. Think about projects coming up within the next three to six months, then backtrack to select the downloadable content that supports those projects.

3. Combine Digital Lounge content with your own signature assets.

To maintain your brand’s relevance, you need to be able to share high-quality content regularly. The Digital Lounge gives you the flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced digital marketing landscape while freeing up time for you to create your own original images/videos/etc. Having a marketing strategy that combines your own signature content with reusable assets available on the Digital Lounge will help supercharge your content marketing efforts.

4. Use the content housed on Digital Lounge as a source of inspiration.

All Digital Lounge assets were crafted for the promotional products industry. The images, videos, storyboards, and flyers were all produced by professionals who understand both design and promo. It is, therefore, safe to use the content available on the Digital Lounge as a source of inspiration to craft content unique to your brand.

5. Capitalize on the content that works. 

Track the metrics generated from the content you download from Digital Lounge (i.e., engagements, click-through-rate, website traffic, customer responses, etc.).  Use that data to influence the media you download in the future. For instance, you might find that the videos you post on social media generate more website traffic than lifestyle imagery. If that’s the case, incorporate more videos into your marketing strategy.

6. Keep track of metrics.

It’s essential to test and track the results of your download strategy so that you can determine what’s working and what isn’t. Monitoring data will allow you to see the types of media your customers respond to the most.

See below for examples of how some of our customers are supercharging their promo marketing strategy using downloadable content from the Digital Lounge:

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