alphabroder | Prime Line® Now Operates Out of a New Fresno Facility

Big news for all you West Coast distributors! Prime Line® now operates and ships out of The Golden State. The brand-new addition of the Fresno, California facility allows alphabroder |Prime Line’s customers to receive their products faster than ever before. With one day shipping to all California and parts of Nevada, this facility ups service levels to new heights.

Over 50 top-selling hard good items are shipped out of the Fresno facility, including bags, grocery totes, coolers, captain’s chairs, cooling towels and more. This addition means West Coast customers can now provide faster service to their end-users.

“The expansion is part of a multipronged approach to increase alphabroder | Prime Line’s capacity, improve accuracy, and deliver orders faster,” said Jeff Lederer, President alphabroder Hard Goods Division. “In addition to the physical footprint in Fresno, we added a significant technology solution to create unparalleled visibility with capacity.”

In 2018 alphabroder | Prime Line completed an ERP software conversion that was related to Prime’s recent Jetline acquisition. The new ERP system and customization boosts warehouse efficiency, enabling more inventory and very efficient order scheduling. The system and customization enables Prime to load balance production, which shortens time to delivery and vastly increases the capacity within their decoration network.

“With our expanded capacity footprint and state of the art technologies, we are able to better service every customer,” Lederer continued. “We are working to grow our operations through sophisticated scheduling, capacity technology, and unparalleled support to distributors.” He also added that alphabroder |Prime Line will continue to work to bring products closer to distributors and their end-users.

Customers still have the option to purchase items from Prime Line’s legacy facilities in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Gaffney, South Carolina and Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  Review all our newest products in our 2019 Prime Line Gift Guide.

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