alphabroder Adds More Breakout Books to Streamline Sourcing

The alphabroder 2019 Buyer’s Guide features 54 brands, 604 new styles, and 2,620 styles overall. At roughly 1000 pages, the alphabroder Buyer’s Guides are great visual representations of our robust collection. Yet, as more styles are added, more pages are added. And more pages means a heavier book. Our last edition of the Buyer’s Guide weighed roughly the size of a small child. Although it showcased all our products in one convenient spot, many customers thought it clunky and a bit overwhelming. In response, alphabroder changed its approach by adding more breakout books.

Starting next year, instead of offering a single 5 lbs. book with over 2000 style options, we’re replacing the big book with more user-friendly breakout books. Each catalog is uniquely crafted to make sourcing easier. They’re broken down by product segments, new and favorites and brand collections. Moreover, they’re nimble, agile, lightweight and can easily be distributed and sent to customers.

Find the book that fits your individual needs in our guide below:

alphabroder 2020 Custom Catalog

breakout book custom catalog

The 2020 Essentials catalog features a focused selection of our best-selling styles combined with all of our new 2020 products. Easy to carry and share with your customers, the 2020 Essentials book includes the most popular styles you buy from our trade, retail and private brands assortment.

The Essentials Books

Our essentials books have taken off this past year. They make it easy to source items your customers will love by focusing on different product segments based on the time of year that those product segments sell. From polos to wovens to outerwear, our Essential trilogy showcases our most in-demand, best-selling styles from all of our key product categories.

2019 Essential Outerwear Guide

Essential Outerwear 2019 breakout book

When it comes to weather, what’s on the outside really counts. Our Essential Outerwear collection highlights the best styles from every outerwear category that can protect you from any kind of weather.

2019 Essential Performance Wear Guide

Essential Performance Wear breakout book

Our complete line-up of performance-driven styles lets you excel, in and out of the office. Go all out with our top-performing styles.

2019 Essential Teamwear Guide

Essential Teamwear

Your colors are your identity. Your brand. We get that. That’s why Team 365 and our brand partners are confident that our colors will be your team’s colors.

Brand Catalogs

Shop the brands your customers will know and love. We’ve created several books that highlight our top name-brand styles and put them all in one easily accessible and shareable spot.

2019 Puma Golf & Sport

PUMA Sport and PUMA golf breakout book

Puma lives at the intersection of Sport, Lifestyle, and Fashion. Next level comfort, unrivaled design, and technically-superior fabrics go into this collection of Golf and Sports apparel and accessories.

2019 Spyder Imprintable Apparel Guide

Spyder breakout book

Spyder embraces athletic pursuit from mountain to metro. You now have the opportunity to outfit your team in 31 exciting athletic-inspired outerwear styles.

Fall 2019 North End Apparel & Accessories

break out book north end

NORTH END is the convergence of fashion and function, offering extreme value for the modern professional.

And remember, it’s easy to locate niche styles that aren’t featured in our catalogs on or Our main sites are designed to make it easy to find the exact style and prices you’re looking for.

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