alphabroder Welcomes Every Body with the CrownLux Performance™ Collection

Perception surrounding body image has evolved significantly throughout history. Over the years, society has grown more accepting of the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes. Many modern-day fashion experts embrace differences, and promotional apparel designers work to emulate that trend. However, designers in the promo world face an added challenge of providing group outfits that are both personalized and uniformed.

Devon & Jones CrownLux
alphabroder sales reps sport the Devon & Jones® CrownLux Performance™ collection in royal blue and French blue.

When making clothes, the modern designer looks beyond size. Size is merely a number. For instance, all tall people are not big and tall big people are not tall. In addition to size and fit, there is the individual’s preference to consider as well. Some people like their clothes to be loose and some prefer a more fitted look. In that same vein, there are people who like to tuck in their tops and there are those who find the untucked look more flattering.

CrownLux Collection
Whether you’re a size XS or 4XL, CrownLux Performance is sure to look good. Wear it tucked or untucked. Whichever you prefer.

In response to improving body culture, promo-apparel experts are expanding beyond traditional single companion styles and offering extended styles to meet more end-users’ demands. Take alphabroder’s DG20 family for example. The popularity of the original DG20 (Devon & Jones CrownLux Performance Polo) swelled in recent years. alphabroder’s merchandising department capitalized on the popularity of the DG20. Now the supplier offers 12 unique styles within the DG20 family. Each style is designed to fit a unique body and individual preferences. The DG20W, for instance, is the direct female companion to the DG20. Yet, as far as features go, the styles are quite different. A stylized open placket and a curved back yoke with center pleat create a more flattering look for its female wearers. It also doesn’t include buttons, whereas the DG20 does.

CrownLux Collection Devon & Jones
alphabroder sales rep show off their favorite CrownLux Performance styles. Each piece is designed to match the preference of the individual wearer.

Extended styles help improve overall satisfaction. “It’s vital to develop collections that offer multiple style options that form a cohesive corporate or team identity,” explained Andrea Routzahn, senior vice president, portfolio and supplier management, for alphabroder. “When everyone looks and feels great and looks like they are part of the same group, that’s the win.”

CrownLux Collection One
Hello, ladies! From millennials to gen z and beyond, our DG20 styles are flattering for women of all ages.

alphabroder is continuously working to create styles that are inclusive. Each alphabroder house brand has a unique identity that addresses different end-user groups in the promo industry. Private Brands take inclusivity a step further and clearly define identities that target different segments of the market. Many collections under the alphabroder umbrella, like the Crown Woven Collection, offer a variety of different styles and fits. Those styles embrace the differences of each wearer while still offering a consistent appearance for teams and corporate groups.

The fit trend is one of many fads the promotional apparel industry adopted from fashion retailers. Discover more popular promotional apparel styles that got their start in retail here. Lastly, be sure to check out the top-selling CrownLux Performance styles below.

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