Golden State Customers to Gain Access to Awesome New Resources

Golden State Activewear is the newest company to join alphabroder Prime Line®’s family of brands. Golden State customers can check out a wide range of tools and programs on The alphabroder website offers technology, marketing tools, and product assortment in one convenient spot. Upgraded tools on make it easy to communicate with customers and increase sales. Some helpful resources on include:

Digital Lounge (alphabroder/Prime Line)

Digital Lounge for Golden State ActivewearThe alphabroder Digital Lounge is an amazing hub of reusable assets that help create content that will get your business noticed. The site is home to an exciting array of unbranded, downloadable images, social media posts, videos, eboards, and eflyers. All assets are easy to use and will immediately help you communicate with your Customers. Find best practices for implementing resources from the Digital Lounge into your personal marketing strategy here.

Essential Microsites and Breakout Books

Golden State Activewearalphabroder’s Essential micro websites make it easy to source styles in key product categories. Within the past year, the supplier has created end-user friendly sites for outerwear, performance wear, teamwear, and fashion.

Tip: When emailing back and forth with customers, include a link or links to these Essential sites. This will make it easy for prospects to shop the styles they love.

In addition to the microsites, there are also companion breakout books that complement those Essential websites. Each catalog is uniquely crafted to make sourcing easier. These books are nimble, agile, lightweight and can easily be distributed and sent to customers.

Tip: Take the 10-day challenge and plan to send out one breakout book per day for 10 days. Highlight a few styles that match your Customers’ personalities and watch your sales grow.

Sample Programs

Don’t hold back when it comes to sampling new styles to your Customers. alphabroder’s Sample Program allows you to easily showcase individual apparel pieces without having to commit to a large order. It’s an efficient way to send samples, set up a showroom, and pitch new products. Order grommeted and/or non-grommeted samples at a 25% to 50% discount.

Tip: Samples are the most effective way for your customers to touch and feel their apparel choices. Make a list of Customers you would like to grow your business with and make it a goal to deliver at least one sample to them this year.

Flex Express

Flex Express Activewearalphabroder works with FedEx to make handling orders easier than ever. With Flex Express, you spend less on shipping, can pick up orders when it’s convenient for you and can pick a secure, weather-proof place for orders to be delivered.

Tip: Use Flex Express to save money on your smaller orders. Find out more here.

Prime Plus/Prime

Prime Plus and PrimePrime Plus and Prime are the heart and soul of alphabroder. This is a collection of the most in-demand, best-selling styles from alphabroder’s key product categories. Prime Plus and Prime styles are the foundation of any complete professional outfitting program. They come with the deepest inventory commitment so you can count on them being in-stock and delivered on-time all the time.

Tip: Sourcing the perfect styles for your customers can get overwhelming. Start by looking through the Prime Plus and Prime collections. That will help you narrow down the best selections for your clients.

Your Customers care about how you can communicate with them. With the prime selling season coming soon, integrating the latest and best technology, adding to your social content, and saving money on your shipments is a must.

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