Win More Business With Our 2021 Digitally Enhanced Catalog

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We’ve all heard of digital catalogs. We’ve all heard of video. But did you know that we’ve launched a digitally enhanced catalog that incorporates captivating video plus so much more? It’s essential right now to engage your customers with a catalog that isn’t just unique and valuable, but also in the moment.

Our marketing team has come up with an incredibly powerful way to safely sell, improve customer experience and help grow your business. How? With a modern, online digitally enhanced catalog.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Safety, plus engaging videos, easy to use sharing tools, and immediate free distribution to your clients gives customers that use a digitally enhanced catalog a clear competitive advantage. If your business sells custom apparel, our new book is right for you.

How do I put a digitally enhanced catalog into my selling strategy?

Here are three unique ways to use our new digitally enhanced catalog. Whether you visit with your customers in person or virtually, our catalog encourages your customers to see so much more information on a platform they are used to, and you’ll be selling smarter and spoiling them at the same time.

1. Lights, Camera, Action!

There’s no better way to tell a good story than with video. Imagery is powerful, but a video takes brand building a step further and creates an emotional response. Rather than simply looking at a flat image on a page, customers will be able to click simple icons to see videos and engage with your products.

When you send or show a digital catalog link, you’re encouraging a customer to do more than simply flip through pages, your customers will be able to use the interactive features to explore the products they are interested in.

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Plus, adding video about specific products to your sales presentation can increase conversion rates, which will ultimately lead to more sales for you. Promo videos are also a great way to foster trust. Many consumers are unsure about buying products and services from a catalog because they can’t actually see and touch the product. These new tools help answer questions about fit and feel.

How does it work?

Let’s say a corporate client would like to order new shirts for employees as a way to welcome them back to the office.  Immediately, you and your client can watch videos showing the features of your choices, get a feel for fit with 360 degree front, back and side product views and with the click of a button see available companion styles or look into what the brand is all about by watching a collection video.

“If you show an engaging video that presents your products in an authentic way, your customer will have more confidence to purchase from you,” says Steven Valeri, our VP of Marketing. “Video makes things easy to understand. Instead of relying on heavy descriptions and text, videos make it easy for buyers to see the product they’re interested in come to life.”

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Expert Tip: Bookmark this catalog for quick access to engaging videos, links to proven industry best sellers and easy sharing tools. Stay top of mind by creating a communication calendar and use the catalog to post your favorite styles on social media or in an e-blast to your customer list.

2. Sweet and Simple.

A HubSpot study shows 76% of consumers say the most important characteristic in a website is its ease of use. The simpler it is, the more likely your customers will explore and buy. Now you have the opportunity to link to a website built to sell apparel and accessories.

Simply click on the style number to go to an all-inclusive website with thousands of styles. With minimal effort (this is key in sales) your customers will be able to quickly and efficiently learn more about their favorites. Product images can power your business, and they are hugely critical in your online story. Images which are not-so-good, blurry, and small-in-size could cause your customers to disconnect. This new site offers high quality images with multiple views of your products giving your customers a better experience.

Steven added, “We feel this catalog is the most powerful selling tool we have ever delivered to our customers and it will give them, and their end-users, the ability to make the best buying decisions.”

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3. The Magic of Digital Sell Through.

We want you to become wizards at using the new features of our catalog. Like the neighborhood you grew up in, you’ll know the back alleys, the shortcuts, the best way to use our catalog for your advantage.

Got two minutes?  This video will educate and guide you on best practices for using this catalog and winning more business.

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Watch Video

The Breakdown

The right-hand menu on our catalog offers crazy cool features. Sending information to your customers quickly has never been easier. Check it out:

  • Search
  • TOC (organized into 13 relevant categories)
  • View pages
  • Go to page
  • Get embed code (choose this catalog and add it to your website!)
  • Clip images
  • Select and download pages
  • Share pages and videos on your social media
  • Email catalog
  • Video access
  • View more of our catalog collection

In a few minutes we were able to explore this menu, clip and share our favorite products, send cutting edge videos, add this catalog to a website, search by product or brand, and so much more without any training.WOW your customers

Want to WOW your customers with powerful content plus keep safety, environmental impact and the cost of doing business at the top of mind? This new digitally enhanced catalog might be just the thing to up brand awareness, increase Customer engagement, capture leads and achieve more sales.

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