Month: February 2021

Wondering What Styles to Sell This Year? Check Out Our Picks Below

Shades of pink. Stripes. Upleveled hoodies. Unisex styles. Unique details. Wondering what everyone’s wearing this spring? We’ve got the top trends, styles and decoration recommendations all in one place for you.


Why it’s hot: We’re seeing all shades of pink this season, from bubblegum to pastel, to saturated jewel tones and neon hues. Some shades will be easier to incorporate into everyday corporate looks, while others will be for younger markets or special campaigns. If your clients have favorite styles, suggest that they update it in one of the new pinks. These colors are great for dressing up corporate classic and casual looks.

Product recommendations: Devon & Jones Perfect Fit Crepe Shirts in great feminine “pop” colors, like Crown Raspberry. The Boat-NeckTop (DP613W) is a nice, understated top to layer underneath the Vision Club Jacket (DG700W), for a polished, professional look. The Tie-Front Top (DP617W) is a great style to feature on its own.

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Ready to Be a Screen-Printing Rockstar? Try Out These Tips & Techniques

Whether you’re a newbie screen printer or an industry O.G. who knows most of the things, it’s always a smart idea to see what other printers are doing in their shops. We asked around to get some of the freshest technique tips and artwork tricks.

From block-style fonts to weathered overlays to patch-style graphics, industry experts weigh in on what their athletic and corporate clients want in 2021. 

Plus, have you thought about creating a retro-appeal halftone with one ink color? Or removing the white underbase on certain elements of a design for a tonal effect? Some of the best screen printers out there share their insider tips for stunning prints. 

And of course, since masks aren’t going anywhere for awhile, we’ve got a great primer from a mask-printing guru on how to do it right, for maximum art appeal and breathability. So let’s dive in!

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