Month: June 2021

If You Want to Sell More USA-Made Apparel, Read This Guide

Gearing up to sell more USA-made apparel? So are lots of other shops. 

“Whether it’s ‘USA-made’ or ‘Shop Local,’ today there’s a trend toward unity and helping one another out,” says Tom Rauen, CEO of Envision Tees. “From local businesses to manufacturers, there’s a big push to choose USA-made apparel.”

Other shop owners agree. “In the last four years, I’ve seen a demand for USA-made coming back stronger than ever before over the 18 years I’ve been in business,” says Howard Potter, CEO of A&P Master Images. “Buyers started to understand that items made stateside are more expensive due to the pay scales and so on, but wanted to support USA-made items.”

We asked the experts for the 4-1-1 on everything you need to know, from where to find the best USA-made blanks, who’s buying them and how to decorate them.

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The Ultimate Summer To-Do List for Your Screen-Printing Shop

Some shop owners think summer is when things slow down. Other shops use these three months to tune up their marketing, sales and workflows so they have a competitive advantage heading into fall. What’s your plan?

This is a good time to jumpstart your plans, after the wild pandemic ride we’ve had. You’re also in good company. Right now, 64% of entrepreneurs and SMBs say their businesses can survive more than a year under current business conditions, as the wave of shutdowns and bankruptcies finally ease after COVID-19, a CNBC and SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey shows. That percentage is rising, up from 55% in the first quarter. The survey also found that 34% think current business conditions are good and poised for growth.

We asked a bevy of experts what smart SMBs do during the slower months to rev their business up for the fall. From starting to use video in your social media to planning your holiday sales campaigns to revamping your getting-paid policies, check out our ideas for the ultimate shop summer to-do list of bottom-line-boosting strategies to get on your calendar now.

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