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You’ll Be Inspired by These 2020 T-shirt Designs

Circa 2020 was definitely the year of the statement T-shirt … so we asked some of our favorite screen printers to share their most inspiring designs from a pandemic year, and give us their best tips for creating compelling artwork and printing like a pro.

“At a time when a message means more than words can express, and what we wear during a time when a face mask covers our normal, everyday conversations, the beliefs and expressions we convey through T-shirt design are powerful,” says Tom Rauen, CEO at Envision in Dubuque, IA.

Get ready to be inspired by these 10 T-shirt (and hoodie) designs and the great stories behind them.

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Make Over Your Management Style in 2021

Pandemic worries, higher unemployment numbers, remote work and Zoom calls, and a sea change switch to online shopping … things definitely look different than they did a year ago. 

“Given the monumental shifts in what ‘business as usual’ looked like last year, it’s very likely that 2020 is a harbinger of 2021 and beyond,” says Doug Holcombe, who works in business development for employee benefits at Marlton, NJ-based Hardenbergh Insurance Group. “Small to medium-sized businesses were forced to change the way they operated. Many had to navigate remote technologies to continue to serve their clients from home.  This included providing employees with laptops, monitors, switching phone systems over to VOIP, and remote servers—all of which can be costly investments.” 

We realize this is a totally new experience for many shops, so we talked to leadership experts to learn how you can respond even better to your team’s needs, while also helping them get excited about hitting your new goals. Here are 10 ways to rethink leadership, employee motivation and team-building in 2021.

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Top Eco-Friendly Shops Share Their Sustainable Tips

As Earth Day rolls around again, it’s time to turn your shop more sustainably minded. If you’ve been looking for ways to do it, you’re in luck. We’ve put together key ways top shops have made the move to go more eco to inspire you.

“Sustainability in your printing operation isn’t one and done,” says Marcia Kinter, vice president of Government & Regulatory Affairs at PRINTING United Alliance. “It’s not just about getting an ‘eco-friendly’ product out the door. It’s an ongoing process that includes whether you offer good, safe working conditions and if you use pesticides on your landscaping. It’s a sustainable look at your entire operation.”

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