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6 Graphic Design Essentials For Small Businesses

Graphics are vital for businesses looking to establish a trustworthy brand identity. Studies show that companies able to create visually appealing and cohesive elements across social media, emails, and web are more trusted by prospects and consumers overall. However, dedicating time and money on graphic design can be difficult for small companies with few staff members and less disposable funds. Often, smaller companies must get creative when it comes to designing their digital campaigns. This is where free and cost-effective tools come into play.

See the list below for some free and economical easy-to-use programs and resources that will help streamline your visual branding strategy. Continue reading “6 Graphic Design Essentials For Small Businesses”

alphabroder Welcomes Every Body with the CrownLux Performance™ Collection

Perception surrounding body image has evolved significantly throughout history. Over the years, society has grown more accepting of the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes. Many modern-day fashion experts embrace differences, and promotional apparel designers work to emulate that trend. However, designers in the promo world face an added challenge of providing group outfits that are both personalized and uniformed. Continue reading “alphabroder Welcomes Every Body with the CrownLux Performance™ Collection”