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11 Ideas to Boost Your Print Shop’s Bottom Line Right Now

Your shop has survived two difficult years when so many other decorated-apparel shops have shut their doors. While celebration is in order, this is certainly not the time to rest. You must focus on your shop’s profitability now, more than ever.

Why? It’s no secret that inflation and costs of goods are going up every day. You have to stay ahead of the issues facing all of us financially. “Successful business operators always think about increasing margins and decreasing costs to ensure optimal profits,” says JP Hunt, co-founder and president of InkSoft. “Focusing efforts on both profitability and waste reduction will yield the most results.” 

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Secrets from Successful Sales Teams to Turbo-Charge Yours

It took five years of building a relationship and following up for Chicago-based decorator Rowboat Creative to close a sale with a large music industry merch group. “Another decorator had burned them, and it was finally our time to make it happen,” says Lucas Guariglia, CEO and co-founder. “We turned out 30,000-multi-location imprints in two days for two sold-out shows at Soldier Field. Our team’s persistence in earning the sale and then coming through like we did locked in the relationship, and we’ve been off to the races ever since.”

We asked some of the apparel industry’s top sales managers and salespeople to share their up-to-the-minute strategies for standing out, leading profitable sales conversations, overcoming cold-call jitters and objections, and making the big-league sales. Check out our favorite strategies for increasing your bottom line with your sales team’s help.

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Make Over Your In-Person and Online Store Shopping Experiences Now

People are eager to return to in-person shopping, but they want all the ease and convenience of the online ordering we’ve gotten used to over the past year. That’s why now is the perfect time to up the ante for customers shopping your showrooms, both in-person and online.

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