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Here’s How to Wow Your Customers With Multimedia & Other Decoration Feats

The mover-and-shaker shops are the ones that constantly innovate their designs and how they decorate garments for their clients. To kick off 2022, we’re bringing you some of the most stand-out multimedia, multi-location decorations and just all-around cool designs. Five shops share some of the work they’re most proud of, and of course, you’ll see why their clients are their number one fans.

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New Fall/Winter Apparel Trends Reflecting What Buyers Want

Alternative Unisex Go-To T-Shirt (AA1070)

Need some fashion inspo? Check out our latest blog for six of the top fall/winter apparel trends we’re seeing, including cozy textured fabrications, eco-friendly wear, retro athletic styles, happy tie-dye and yoga athleisure styles. And of course, you’ll love our handy product recommendations.

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Sizzling Statement T-shirt Tips From Font Experts

Are you stuck in the land of using the same five fonts over and over again? Get ready to break out of the same-old, same-old and up your decorating game with these typography tips from expert printers and designers.

Typography’s power rests in the emotional memory of human beings,” says Pat Achilles, a veteran illustrator and graphic designer based in Doylestown, PA. “Letter shapes can express strength, nostalgia, love, sorrow, propriety and confusion—the gamut of emotions, all based on established lettering styles that people associate with the places and feelings they’ve encountered with that typeface before.”

The most successful T-shirt designers understand (and power-ize) fonts and typography hierarchy for their clients. A good graphic starts with a good font,” says Craig Mertens, general manager at Graphics Flow. “The easiest way to wreck a design is poor font usage. Apparel-centric fonts that model retail fashion trends are critical. You can’t just slap a desktop publishing font into a T-shirt design and expect it to look good. Font selection is critical.”

Here’s what you need to know to up your typography game. 

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