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7 Marketing Trends That Will Grow Your Shop in 2022

The way we do business has changed dramatically over the last year. The way we market our print shops has also morphed. Now is the perfect time to look at seven on-fire marketing trends (hello, chatbots) that you can incorporate in your 2022 plan. We lay out the trends your shop can’t afford to ignore in 2022, with industry experts weighing on how to make them work in your shop.

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Decorators, Check Out These Trends for 2021

Want to know what’s trending for 2021 in terms of apparel styles, colors, decorating techniques and online selling trends?

Don’t worry: We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. You’ll see everything from oversized message tees to comfort color palettes, to metallic threads and bold screen printing, and intuitive ecommerce sites on the horizon.

Check out our breakdown of some of the top trends that your clients will be excited about in 2021.

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