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11 Ideas to Boost Your Print Shop’s Bottom Line Right Now

Your shop has survived two difficult years when so many other decorated-apparel shops have shut their doors. While celebration is in order, this is certainly not the time to rest. You must focus on your shop’s profitability now, more than ever.

Why? It’s no secret that inflation and costs of goods are going up every day. You have to stay ahead of the issues facing all of us financially. “Successful business operators always think about increasing margins and decreasing costs to ensure optimal profits,” says JP Hunt, co-founder and president of InkSoft. “Focusing efforts on both profitability and waste reduction will yield the most results.” 

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2022 Print Shop Artwork & Sales Resolutions You’ll Love

It’s time to start thinking about how you can give your print shop the jumpstart it deserves in 2022, with some artwork and sales resolutions top shops already practice. For example: creating a unique brand experience, following up to get the sale, and knowing when to outsource your shop’s artwork generation. Ready for all 10 business-changing resolutions? Let’s jump right in.

Put These Smart Sales Strategies Into Practice

While we hear over and over that sales are the lifeblood of your business, if your sales process has gaps, that won’t get the cash flowing into your shop. Here are five ways you can up the ante in your sales game in 2022.

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Smart Tactics for Rising Above Supply Chain Challenges

The laggy supply chain is certainly making the news recently, with lots of headlines warning that consumers won’t be able to get the holiday decorations, toys, furniture, appliances and even favorite foods they want. Of course, supply chain and inventory issues have affected the decorated-apparel industry as well, putting pressure on print shops to get the goods their customers want.

We asked decorated-apparel industry experts and shop owners for their nine best tactics on how to handle product shortages and still meet your customers’ needs. “Shop owners need to realize that best practices that worked a year ago are no longer valid,” says Marshall Atkinson, business consultant at Atkinson Consulting and Shirt Lab Tribe. “What worked in 2019 doesn’t apply now. Also, since every shop is different, you need to look at your unique situation.”

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