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Build Your Apparel Brand with PUMA

The wait is over! alphabroder now offers a way for you to build your apparel brand with PUMA. The sportswear company makes athletic gear designed to perform on the same playing field as the world’s top athletes. In other words, your customers get to wear what the pros wear. 

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North End® Introduces Three New UTK Technologies

North End® is an affordable, high-tech clothing brand that was first introduced by Ash City in the late 1990s. For the past 20 years, the corporate and performance-driven styles under the North End name have provided comfort and performance for professionals.

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Build Affinity Then Sell: The Power of Relationship Building

Promotional products professionals are continuously challenged to match and exceed sales goals. When working a commissionbased job, it’s hard not to get consumed with quotas. It can often feel as if you are running on a hamster wheel. Yet, customers can always tell when your mind is set on making a sale as opposed to a personal connection. If a buyer feels that you don’t see them as a priority their walls go up and it’s likely that your calls and emails will be left unanswered. The solution? Build affinity then sell.

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