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alphabroder Adds More Breakout Books to Streamline Sourcing

The alphabroder 2019 Buyer’s Guide features 54 brands, 604 new styles, and 2,620 styles overall. At roughly 1000 pages, the alphabroder Buyer’s Guides are great visual representations of our robust collection. Yet, as more styles are added, more pages are added. And more pages means a heavier book. Our last edition of the Buyer’s Guide weighed roughly the size of a small child. Although it showcased all our products in one convenient spot, many customers thought it clunky and a bit overwhelming. In response, alphabroder changed its approach by adding more breakout books.

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Build Affinity Then Sell: The Power of Relationship Building

Promotional products professionals are continuously challenged to match and exceed sales goals. When working a commissionbased job, it’s hard not to get consumed with quotas. It can often feel as if you are running on a hamster wheel. Yet, customers can always tell when your mind is set on making a sale as opposed to a personal connection. If a buyer feels that you don’t see them as a priority their walls go up and it’s likely that your calls and emails will be left unanswered. The solution? Build affinity then sell.

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