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How Did They Do That? Inspo-Worthy Decorated-Apparel Designs

How did they create that dazzling design? We asked eight decorators to show off some of their most creative embroidered, screen-printed and digitally decorated looks, along with insider tips to creating imprinted artwork that turns heads (and gets lots of brand impressions). Get ready to be inspired!

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Here’s How to Make Amazing Artwork Your Shop’s Competitive Advantage

Artwork is among your shop’s most valuable, and profitable, assets. “Graphics are our industry’s currency,” says Craig Mertens, general manager of GraphicsFlow. “The shop with the more relatable artwork will win in the marketplace.” 

Successful decorators use graphics as their competitive advantage. “At the end of the day, when faced with options, buyers will usually choose the shop with the best designs and graphics, given the emotional connection to their brand and identity,” Mertens says.

At Night Owls Print Shop, the art team is one of the shop’s most important assets. “We couldn’t put out the level of work that we do without our team,” says Co-Owner Valerie Solomon. “If you’re printing any full-color design, you rely on your art separations to make printing and setup easier. That’s why skilled artists are vital.”

“Anyone can put a logo on a shirt, but not everyone can put killer artwork on a shirt. That’s the superpower you’re looking for to increase your sales.”
Marshall Atkinson, Atkinson Consulting

Even if you’re running a DTG shop, a talented art department will set you apart. “Artists challenge the status quo or think outside the box, so that gives you a competitive advantage,” says Michelle Moxley, innovation director at The M&R Companies. “Plus, on-press artists can drive innovation into an embellishment, expanding your capabilities and accentuating your uniqueness to the market.” 

As a decorator, you know your customer artwork files are among the most valuable assets you have … and your artwork department is one of your main revenue generators. However, if your graphics workflow isn’t tight or your graphics files aren’t organized, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. “Anyone can put a logo on a shirt, but not everyone can put killer artwork on a shirt,” says Marshall Atkinson, business consultant at Atkinson Consulting and Shirt Lab Tribe. “That’s the superpower you’re looking for to increase your sales.”

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Yes, You Can Hit #NewRevenueGoals With Virtual Selling

2020 might have been the year of the #ZoomCall, but smart decorators are making 2021 the year of #VirtualSelling. Did you know that 62% of salespeople say it’s a challenge for them to sell virtually? Since online selling isn’t going anywhere fast, it’s time to learn the ins and outs of apparel and hard goods selling in cyber space like a pro.

When buyers interact with salespeople in a virtual space, there are four factors that have the biggest sway, the RAIN Group reports, on whether they purchase or not:

  • Leading a comprehensive discovery of their concerns, wants and needs (71%)
  • Showing what’s possible or how to solve a problem (68%)
  • Simply listening (68%)
  • Making the ROI on their purchase crystal clear (68%)

“A big part of virtual selling is building trust,” says Satya Purna, CEO of ZAG Studios. “Take time at the start of the meeting to build rapport, understand what’s going on in their life and build a personal connection—before talking about business.”

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