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The Colors of Spring and Summer You’ll Love to Sell

We all know that 2022 is a unique year, as we’re coming out of a global pandemic. The Pantone Fashion Color Report for New York Fashion Week shows that consumers are interested in colors that both soothe and invigorate them, and the fashion world has taken note.

“The emotional quality of colors is really more impactful than anything else that’s happening in the world around us,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “I’m astounded that people are talking about their feelings about color more than they ever have before. The last year-and-a-half [especially] has brought about that thoughtfulness and pensiveness. We can all relate to that.”

We’ve picked out 12 of the top colors, from Hot Pink to Olive Oil to Very Peri, that we’re seeing on the runways, at retail and of course, in the wholesale apparel arena. Your clients and their employees (or whoever will wear their decorated apparel) tapped into the same desire to express themselves through color. Show off these shades, along with key apparel and accessories pieces, in your sales presentations so that they can invest in this year to boost their brands.

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Here’s How to Wow Your Customers With Multimedia & Other Decoration Feats

The mover-and-shaker shops are the ones that constantly innovate their designs and how they decorate garments for their clients. To kick off 2022, we’re bringing you some of the most stand-out multimedia, multi-location decorations and just all-around cool designs. Five shops share some of the work they’re most proud of, and of course, you’ll see why their clients are their number one fans.

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alphabroder Welcomes Every Body with the CrownLux Performance™ Collection

Perception surrounding body image has evolved significantly throughout history. Over the years, society has grown more accepting of the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes. Many modern-day fashion experts embrace differences, and promotional apparel designers work to emulate that trend. However, designers in the promo world face an added challenge of providing group outfits that are both personalized and uniformed. Continue reading “alphabroder Welcomes Every Body with the CrownLux Performance™ Collection”