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Here’s How to Score Millennial Buyers for Life

Ready to speak Gen Y’s language? Millennial buyers and end-users want a lot from brands, including sustainable practices, products that last for the long term, great service, a track record of giving back and more. When you pitch decorated apparel to these buyers, you need to give them exactly what they want to score loyal customers for life. Here are 6 ways to bond with the generation that makes up the biggest portion of the world’s population.


Millennials prefer to buy clothes, workout gear and accessories from companies that use sustainable practices and materials—and share that eco-friendly message. Here’s a powerful stat: 73% of Millennials buy eco-conscious products and are willing to pay more to support environmentally conscious businesses, according to a Nielsen report. 

The good news? There are many wholesale brands offering top-quality, eco-friendly apparel. And in turn, your Millennial buyers can feel good about gifting or selling these branded products, adding to their company’s Earth-focused mission.

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13 Apparel Brands that are Committed to Environmentalism

Many of today’s end-users are looking beyond the quality of the products you sell. In fact, consumers are more inclined to purchase a garment if they know it didn’t harm the environment. Sustainable features are great selling points, especially when you’re trying to differentiate items that are similar in nature.  Know which brands operate sustainably and understand the scope of their sustainable practices to gain a competitive edge. Continue reading “13 Apparel Brands that are Committed to Environmentalism”

3 Ways to Sell Sustainable Products to Eco-Conscious End-Buyers

Now, more than ever, promo businesses want to sell sustainable products. Recent reports on the promotional products industry’s damaging ecological impact have moved eco-conscious end-buyers to choose more responsible items. Continue reading “3 Ways to Sell Sustainable Products to Eco-Conscious End-Buyers”