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Scary Promo Stories to Tell in the Dark

It’s 10:00 pm on what passes for a “normal” Tuesday night in 2020. Today was a hard one. Lately, they all have been hard ones. You’re thinking about how great it is that you’re settling in for a solid eight hours of shut eye – your first in weeks – when you hear some familiar, unwelcome pulsing emanating from your nightstand.  “There goes that idea”, you think as you grope in the dark to silence your phone’s plea for attention. Phone in hand, the blue screen illuminates your face. Your brain can barely register what you see on the screen – an unplanned Zoom call to discuss uniform options with the top hospital in the country, first thing tomorrow morning?! Your heart flutters; your pulse noticeably quickens. “This can’t be happening”, you think, but the migraine beginning to take hold just over the bridge of your nose tells you that it most definitely is.

I know, what you’re thinking. “How the @#! am I going to get a presentation together in time?” We’ve been there; the pain and the panic are real. In those times, we’ve wished for immediate access to our own in-house creative agency that’s already done all the heavy lifting for us, too. Enter TM Studios.

Visit alphbroder.com, click “Marketing” in the top navigation bar and select “Storyboard & Flyers.” You have now entered the content mecca. Your muscles loosen. You feel…lighter. “Where have you been all my life?” you think with a smile.

TM Studios is your all-inclusive, virtual creative agency, featuring the trendiest, timeliest and most thought-provoking collateral in the industry. TM Studios empowers you to make your mark. Consciously curated and designed with you in mind, TM Studios consists of three easy to navigate sections.

1. Virtual Content Library

The Virtual Content Library is home to flyers, inspiration boards and lookbooks all ready to be downloaded and branded with your logo.  It’s organized by industry and theme — PPE, Workwear, Work from Home and so much more! It’s the perfect DIY option when you are strapped for time and your customer needed something yesterday.

2. What’s New

In 2020, trade shows and in-person events feel like ancient history – relics of the “before time”. Many traditionally in-person spring and fall launch events have already made the switch to “virtual”. This is where the What’s New section becomes your home away from home. We work closely with our merchandising team to create cutting edge collateral and informative pieces that keep you on-point with industry trends.

3. The Lookbook

Last but not least, the crown jewel of TM Studios –the lookbook. Typical print catalogs can be inconvenient and are often filled with extraneous information that can be overwhelming. To put it simply: they are the Flintstones and look books are the Jetsons. Social media has re-wired us to value information and emotions delivered via crisp, visually stimulating images. Built on this modern approach, the digital lookbook showcases imagery that demands attention and will help you stay top of mind. Remember to check back often, as our collateral is updated monthly with new lookbooks dropping every month. Click on the digital lookbook of your choice. You can email, share the link on social or download directly to your desktop.

So, the next time your phone buzzes after another day of wall-to-wall Zoom calls with the latest demand for your time and energy, rest easy knowing that there’s a place that’s home to the freshest and most modern unbranded, share-able content available. A place that puts you and your need for elegant, eye-catching imagery front and center. A place that’s anticipated your needs before you’ve even thought of them. A digital creative agency all your own.

TM Studios: Go ahead, make your mark.

6 Graphic Design Essentials For Small Businesses

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